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The roots of Parliament go all the way back to 1970, when Mr. Manohar Lal Aggarwal and Mr. Naresh Aggarwal founded a trading company in Punjab with the vision of someday distributing world-class quality products globally. The big step towards the fulfillment of the dream was taken in 1999 when they saw the opportunity in exporting consumer goods which led to the foundation of Capital Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Today we boast our global presence in more than 70 countries worldwide exporting more than 15,000 products.
The final step towards the dream was realized in 2013, with the establishment of the brand PARLIAMENT. We were finally exporting & distributing world-class quality products under our brand PARLIAMENT with the sole aim of reaching every household across the globe. In just a few years, the demand for Parliament brand products has been phenomenal and has made its way into the households across Asia-Pacific, North America and the Gulf.

Parliament: Product
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